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Vegan, Natural Hygienist and Yoga Practitioner


This is Peter Theobald - by profession, an IT Sales person, but by passion, someone very keenly interested in Natural Health. The picture you see alongside was taken in August 2020, when I was 54 years old.

I started out on  my journey with Natural Hygiene, the Science of Health, in 1996. I have been practicing yoga as well from then. In the past twenty-four years, it has given me excellent results. I rarely fa ll ill and as of now (touch wood), have no ailments like HighCholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc. I don't have to pop any pills (Except a Vitamin B12 / D supplement). I am reasonably fit, I walk 5 km a day, I did the Everest Base Camp trek in 2019 .. Life is good!!

I have created this site to share my learnings and insights over the years! Hope you find it useful!

I have also written an Ebook on Natural Health "I am not a Dcctor", which is available on this page


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p.s. For those of you who are interested, a detailed account of my journey towards health follows below

Peter's Life Story in Pictures

1995 Age 29 Weight 95 kg (214 lb)

2000 Age 34 Weight 65 kg (146 lb)

Peter's Life Story in Words

Phase I of Peter;s Life                                          


Phase II of Peter's life

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