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Serious Health Problems


Hygienists do not view diseases as independent and separate entities afflicting different parts of the body. They take a holistic view and think that the body is either at-ease or in dis-ease (disease). The cause for disease is the accumulation of toxins in the body beyond its tolerance capacity. Toxins accumulate because of insufficient nerve energy to eliminate them. Insufficient nerve energy is caused by enervating living practices that either put excessive demand on the body's resources or do not provide it sufficient inputs, time and rest and sleep to recoup, recover and become stronger. As a result of all this, the body falls ill.


What is required to be done is – recognize that we are overtaxing the body, or not supplying its needs appropriately. We then have to address this basic cause to get well. Unfortunately,  we go the opposite route. We take medicines that go after the symptoms of the disease and ignore the cause. The medicines we take make the symptoms go away but do not address the cause.


The disease goes into "latency" and comes back again later, in a more severe form. Again stronger medicines are taken and the cycle repeats itself until simple tiredness and fatigue becomes simple (acute) diseases like feverishness, then fever, then cough, cold, upset stomach. The next step is a chronic disease like gastritis, ulcer, pneumonia, then asthma, arthritis, and finally degenerative diseases. A simple disease which suppressed with medicines leads to serious diseases later since we are not addressing the cause.


Hygienists say that the first step to avoiding serious diseases is to avoid simple diseases. If you never get a cold, cough or fever, there is little chance that you will get lung cancer! You avoid simple diseases by following healthful living practices and avoiding poison habits. The preventive approach is more effective, economical and healthful than a curative effort. Prevent the disease itself instead of figuring out how to cure it!


What if you have contracted a serious disease already? You handle the problem with the best means available. Go to a doctor and get yourself diagnosed and treated. You should get relief from your symptoms. There should be no threat to your life. Now you have to identify the cause and change your lifestyle to address it.


Over 80% of all "modern' diseases are diet-related. Avoid excesses, poison habits and give the body a healthy diet. Then look at the other aspects of healthy living -  exercise, rest, sleep, pure water, sunshine, fresh air etc.. See if you are getting enough of these and not too much.  Then look at your mental habits and factors -  stress, tension, lack of hobbies, an outlet for your creativity, negative thinking and emotions, lack of love, spirituality, etc. These are the subtle and the most difficult causes of disease to deal with. So the causes of disease are all within  -  the body,  mind and soul.


You have to fix these problems -  stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right ones. You can do it gradually or in one go – your choice. The body will recover and regain its lost health, strength and fitness. It depends on how much damage has been done and for how long, but the body has immense reserve capacity and given half a chance it will restore health. You may not regain 100% of your health. But the body will always do its best and return you  to the best condition possible given the situation


Once you have regained your health, you will have to continue living healthfully. Going back to the old ways will simply cause the disease to return. The body is built with excess capacity to live flawlessly and healthfully for at least a hundred years. By abusing it, we fall prey to all kinds of diseases. By taking care of it we can restore our health and banish disease from our lives. Sickness, illness and diseases are not inevitable. One can live healthily and actively for all our days and then peacefully pass away when our time is up. There is no need to fall ill if we take care of ourselves. This is the world's best-kept secret.

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Heart disease


Modern medicine has no answer to cure, heal or reverse these problems. There are only methods to manage the symptoms and keep them "under control". This is the case for all chronic and degenerative diseases. You are told that you cannot be cured and you will have to take medicine for life. Natural Hygiene believes you can heal yourself of these diseases. But you will have to put in the effort.


Heart disease is linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused because the arteries carrying the blood around the body have become narrower. Since their diameter is less, the heart has to pump vigorously to get the blood to circulate through the narrower "pipes". So the blood pressure goes up.


Why have the arteries become narrower? Because of the deposit of "plaque" on the interior of the arteries. This lines the arteries and makes them narrower. Finally, the "pipe" becomes so narrow that it is like a pinprick and the blood can barely flow. When this pinhole closes, you get a "heart attack". Then you have to go for "bypass surgery" that bypasses the blockage and establishes an alternate path for the blood to flow. Or for angioplasty or balloon angioplasty that opens up the blockage.  But then there occurs another blockage some other place, sometime later. So the vicious cycle repeats.


But where does this plaque come from? From Cholesterol. And cholesterol comes from the diet,  s almost exclusively from animal products we eat ! Plant products have zero cholesterol!   So the simplest way to avoid cholesterol is to avoid all animal products altogether or minimise their consumption. That will greatly reduce your risk of heart disease


But what if you have already had heart disease? Hygienists believe that if you stop consumption of animal products, you are stopping the addition of cholesterol into your body. It can then deal with the excess cholesterol and eliminate it, opening up your arteries again and restoring health.


Dr Dean Ornish did studies by using the same principles (drastically curtailing animal product consumption), yoga and meditation. And he found that heart disease could not only be stopped from progressing but reversed. He wrote the best selling book "How to reverse heart disease without surgery". If you adopt  Natural Hygiene,  you can heal yourself of not just heart disease but many others too!!


What about Blood Pressure? Naturally, when the arteries open up, the heart needs to pump less hard and the BP normalises. Cholesterol levels again fall back to normal when the diet is fixed.




Convention wisdom states that this cannot be cured and you have to take insulin tablets or injections for life. The hygienic view is that this is true only if you have one kind of diabetes- Type 1 when the pancreas is destroyed or non-functional.  Type 2 Diabetes (which accounts for   90% of the cases – can be reversed


Dr Neal Barnard proved that diabetics can recover their health, under a carefully supervised regimen of diet and exercise. Read his book for details!


Fun fact: Diabetics need not fear fruits. Rice or bread is far worse!  Foods with a high glycemic index like white rice and bread release sugar rapidly into the bloodstream. These are harmful to diabetics.  Fruit has a low glycemic index and releases its sugar slowly because of the fibre it has. The fibre in the fruits slows the absorption of sugar into the blood! Whole fruits are OK for diabetics, not fruit juices because juices have the fibre removed





Cancer is the last stage of disease. A cell first gets irritated, then fatigued, then intoxicated, sick and finally, when the irritation does not stop, finally goes crazy. It stops accepting orders from the brain and stops sending messages back. It starts working on its agenda and is no longer under control of the brain. It is no longer working for the wellbeing of the body. It then begins multiplying. This is what cancer is - cells gone haywire.


There is no cure for most cancers. They cannot be reversed, they can only go into remission, by changing your lifestyle early enough.


Chemotherapy is useful in a few specific cancers but of little use in most others. And the side effects are disastrous. You are injecting very poisonous substances into the body! Radiation therapy is similar. The quantity of life i.e. life extension provided by these therapies is dubious but the quality of life goes down. Go for these therapies after considering them wisely.


Chemotherapy is the most prevalent form of cancer treatment offered to cancer patients today. But author and consultant Ralph W. Moss, PhD is a vocal critic of its use.  In his book Questioning Chemotherapy, Dr Moss feels that chemotherapy has only proven itself to be valuable in a few types of cancer, most notably childhood leukaemias and testicular cancer.  It is largely ineffective for the vast majority of adult tumours. But extremely toxic for the cancer patient.  There are safer alternatives to some of these toxic drugs, The Moss Report service specializes in educating cancer patients about the most effective alternative treatments for their condition.  Visit  for details

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