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Welcome to the Natural Hygiene section of health Naturally! Congratulations for making it here!


No, I'm serious. I mean it. Less than 5% of people in the world have heard of Natural Hygiene. And less than 5% of those who have heard of it are willing to give it a try. If you are here, you are in the top 0.2% of the world's population! Congrats!


Natural Hygiene lays down the principles for a healthy life that you have to tailor to your circumstances. Here's how I suggest you go about it


The Process


Step 1: Gather information.

Read all the information on this website with an open mind. At the very least, read the food section and enemies of health section.


Step 2: Reflect

Consider it carefully. Forget preconceived notions. Does it make sense? Can it possibly cause any harm if you do a short 21-day experiment? Check with your doctor if you like.


Step 3: Experiment

Take the 21 day challenge. For 21 days, sign a contract with yourself, to follow the Natural Hygiene recommendations honestly and entirely. That's all. Not for a lifetime. Not a year. Not even a month.   For Just 21 days.

Step 4: Observe

While this experiment is going on, observe the changes happening in your body and mind.

Step 5: Decide followup action

After 21 days, you are free to make up your mind, about the truth or otherwise of what Natural Hygiene is preaching-  whether it is right for you or not. Whether you want to practice it or not. And to what extent. The decision is entirely yours, whatever it may be.


I believe this is the truly scientific way of going about anything in life. Finding out for yourself by a considered experiment, whether it is this right for you, or not. What better way?


The stakes are very high. I am talking about life transformation here and ensuring a superb level of health for the rest of your lifetime. Freedom from disease. Freedom from fear. Are you ready for it? Now?


Of course, we have to be practical. We cannot expect miracles. If you are on your death bed with 95% blockage in your arteries, Natural Hygiene cannot guarantee to restore you to excellent health. It all depends on how much damage has been done to your body already. And on what is the residual level of vital powers your body has -  to recover and heal itself. But trust your body. It will do the best it can. By following Natural Hygiene,  you will get the best results possible based on your current level of health.


So what am I  trying to do on this site?

I am trying to give you an accurate picture of all the aspects of life concerning your health. The problem is that today there is so much conflicting information and so much coming from vested interests that you are never really sure of what you are reading.


My objective here is to be a true health educator. I want to share with you the truths I have found for myself about health. And this is not armchair philosophy. It is based on my practical experience. I have found it for myself and I invite you to do the same.


I am not diagnosing; I am are prescribing. I do not claim to be a qualified medical doctor or health professional. I do not take responsibility for your health. That is yours alone (See disclaimer for details).  All I  wish to do is to bring certain information to your attention so that you can make an informed decision about your health.


What is the basis of the information I provide?

(a) Authentic Natural Hygiene (as propounded by Dr Shelton, Dr Sidhwa, Dr Scott, Dr Burton and now Dr Graham/Dr Sniadach and many others) and

(b) My personal experience. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less.


What else do you need to know before you start trying out anything?

I am not claiming to be all-knowing and perfect, preaching the only truth. I am just showing ONE of the ways to true health. There could be many others. Rather than follow a "one fit for all sizes" approach, I prefer to give general guidelines, which need to be tailored by you, to what suits you, what works for you.


That's it then. Welcome on the journey! Good luck!




Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. Consult a physician before following any advice given here. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, or that of your clients, and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content from this site. Any diet change may result in unforeseen consequences. By voluntarily acting after the advice provided in this content, you assume the risk of any consequential problems.  Peter Theobald is not a licensed medical professional. He will not be held liable for any consequences of you following any of his advice.Nothing in this site is a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Please be especially careful if you have any pre-existing ailments and with infants and children

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