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Natural Hygiene

The True Science of Health and Nourishment

Natural Hygiene is the science of health. Following it can lead you to a lifetime of excellent health --  and freedom from disease. Much of the health and nutrition advice being touted today as "new" and revolutionary—such as the advantages of a plant-based diet, the incredible healing powers of the body, the importance of avoiding unnecessary drugs and surgery—were promoted by Natural Hygienists as far back as 150 years ago. I will introduce you to different aspects of Natural Hygiene on this page




















Disclaimer : This site is for informational purposes only. Nothing in this site is substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Please do not follow the recommendations given here, without checking with your doctor first, especially if you are suffering from any disease

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Weight Loss
Pregnant Women & Children

Read me 1st!

What do you need to know before you start?

Weight Loss

Why should you lose weight? How to lose weight? And how not to.

Care of Pregnant Women and  Children

Don't take chances or make any compromise here.


The fundamental truths about food that will never change


Common Health Problems

Coughs, colds, fever,  constipation, sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, indigestion, acidity, rashes - what causes them, how to recover quickly and prevent them from happening to you again.

Acute Health Problems

Sixteen "Most Wanted" Public Enemies (of Health )

Learn about the enemies you are exposing yourself to, every day of your life,  without even knowing it

Enemies of Health
The History of Natural Hygiene

Its origins and history, and it's view of health, healing and the real cause of  disease

History of Natural Hygiene
Serious Health problems

Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease – is there a way to prevent them from happening to you? And to reverse them if they do?

Chronic Diseases

The world's best Twenty Five Doctors

Meet the world's twenty-five best doctors, who can help you overcome almost any illness. They are available to all, either free or at a nominal cost  

Best Natural Doctors
Natural Healing

The natural way of healing yourself from disease

Fasting and Natural Healing
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