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Why a Vegan (Plant Based Whole Foods) Diet

Importance and Role of food in Health

The importance of food and the role it plays in our health is largely overlooked. Beyond paying lipservice to it, very few people actually put into practice even what they know is good for them. Nutrition is not even an important part of the medical doctor's training - I believe it is one part of the subject "Social Medicine" in one of the papers of one of the semesters. Much information on what is good nutrition is also "sponsored" by vested interests - Eg the "Eat more eggs" campaign conducted by the National Egg Co-ordination Committee. 


It is estimated that over 70-80% of our diseases are related directly or indirectly to our diet. It is in the area of food and diet that we unknowingly commit the most frequent and great transgressions to natural laws, that adversely affect our health. Most of our chronic health problems can be done away with if only we were to make our diet more natural. Isn't that a sufficient reason for Natural Hygienists to focus so much on food? The vegan (Whole Foods Plant-based) diet has now been scientifically proven to be the healthiest diet on the planet


Even the American Dietetic Association says that "The role of nutrition and diet in promoting health and reducing chronic disease for conditions ranging from preventing low birth weight to weight reduction, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and dietary intervention in cancer prevention and control has been well established. ".  The vegan ( Whole Foods Plant-Based) diet is the way to go. Read on for details..



Principles of Good Food

What is good food and what is not? The hygienic perspective has been unchanged for the past two hundred years. Hygienists have evolved a comprehensive evaluation system which enables you to objectively rate the quality of a food. Click here for more

Principles of Good Food

Fruits  & Vegetables

Of all the various foods available for human beings to eat,  fruits and vegetables are best choice from every possible perspective.  Click for more...

Water and Other Fluids

Over 70% of our body is composed of water.  We can leave without food for even forty days, (I have lived for 31!) but without water for  few days we can die. But how much should we drink?  What about mineral waters? Soft drinks?  Fruit Juices? Coconut water? Click for more

Fruits and Vegetables
Water & Other Fluids

Proteins , Nuts and Sprouts

Nuts and sprouts are one of the finest sources of proteins for human beings - rivalling  even the much touted meats and fishes. And in fact they have none of toxins and other problems associated with animal products.  But how much protein do we need? Can we manage purely on nuts and sprouts?  click here


Animal products

A significant part of the world's population routinely eat animal products such as meat, fish & eggs at least once a day. In fact it is widely considered that this food is good for heath, especially necessary for obtaining your protein requirements. But is this true? Are these products good for our health?  Click here to find out

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Cooked food v/s raw food

Almost all of us have been brought up on a diet of predominantly cooked food. Fire has been burning in the kitchens from time immemorial. But what is the effect of subjecting our foods to the effects of fire? On the foods and on our health?  We cant eliminate cooked food from our diet, but we ought to know the importance of raw foods and try to eat more of them... . Click for more

Cooked vs Raw Food

Health Food

A huge number of "health food stores" have mushroomed up all over the world. They are popular and fashionable. Healthy is in.  Foods available in these stores are  superior to conventional options. But is all of it truly "health food"? Do you really need to pay a fortune to eat healthily? Click here to learn more

Health Food

Grains and lentils

Rice and/or wheat are the staple foods for over 90% of the world's population. But is this guided by health considerations or commercial considerations? How good do they rate as foods? Are they an ideal food? What portion of our diet should comprise of grains and lentils? Click here for more.

Grains and Lentils

Milk and Milk Products

Milk and milk products like yoghurt, cheese, butter etc are animal products. They come from an animal. They don't grow on trees. T. Almost all vegetarians consume milk, thinking it is an ideal food. Milk is a holy cow (!). . But is this true? 

Milk & Milk Products

Processed and Junk food

How much of your food comes from a can, jar, bottle or packet of some kind? How much of your food has been processed, refined, fortified, modified, preserved, enhanced in a factory before reaching your dining table? Do you know what EXACTLY you are getting when you are eating processed food? And do you know the effects of eating a diet high in processed foods? Click here for details

Processed and Junk Food

Changing your diet and Concerns

How do you go about changing your diet. A drastic change at one shot or slow and steady? What should you do first? Which change is more important to implement? What are the problems you are likely to come across and how to overcome them? How far to go? What about protein? Calcium? Vitamins? Muscle? Strength? Calories? Click here to assuage your doubts.

Guidelines for Ideal Diet

An ideal diet

Why is this the last point on the agenda? Should it not have been the first? Why not prescribe the ideal diet for everyone? Why go through all the bother in the preceding sections? Why not just lay down menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for every day of the week. Why not just give a list of do's and don'ts? Click here to find out.

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Guidelines to embrace

You may be overwhelmed by the mass of information provided in this section. So where do you go from here? What do you do? What changes do you make in your diet? What rules do you live by?  Download the document below for a summary of all the information about food alongwith some common-sense guidelines to embrace to have the maximum positive impact on your health.

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