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Ebook by Peter Theobald 











A layman’s guide to lose weight and gain health… Naturally

I am not a Doctor -- but I have spent the past twenty-five years focused on the area of Natural Health - studying and practicing on myself and my family – with excellent results!  I share my experiences, learnings and insights in this book.


If you want to:

  • Lose Weight

  • Regain or Improve your health

  • Reverse your Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Heart Disease

You need to get this book!

What you will learn :

  • How to lose weight while eating three square meals a day – of  tasty yet healthy food!

  • What kind of a diet (and lifestyle)  PREVENTS disease,  so you don’t have to spend time, effort and money to cure it!

  • Why you should do what we are suggesting  - understand the principles behind the recommendations

  • What are the practical challenges you will face on this system and how to overcome them

  • How this same system can be used to reverse lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease


The system proposed in this book is 100% Natural, but  backed by scientific research and evidence. No snake oil here! This is the safest and most efficient route to good health!

LIFELONG FREEDOM FROM DISEASE IS THE GOAL.  Get set started on the path!

Click on the link below to buy the book once it is launched (shortly)

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