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An ideal diet


As per Natural Hygiene is there is no such thing as the ideal diet for everyone. There is only an ideal diet for YOU. And this ideal diet does not remain the same. It might change depending on your age, your goals. It even changes on a day to day, meal to meal basis. If you are sick, your ideal diet today may be nothing but water. If you have had a heavy lunch, go for a light dinner if not skip it entirely. So everything is subjective, situational. An ideal diet for a marathon runner would be different from that of a sumo wrestler. In

Things also depend on where you live. Asking an Eskimo to subsist on raw fruits and vegetables would not be possible because they are not easily available in the first place. And even if they were, they would be too expensive and in the cold weather, one would like to have some hot food with the meal. In India, when people are struggling to get two square meals a day, then advising them to eat avocados is not practical.


So everything depends on the individual, his environment, needs, age, health, income etc. So it is futile to draw up an ideal diet for everyone. In general a vegan (plant-based whole foods diet) is a Natural Diet that is good for you

The principles mentioned in this section can help you to draw up a suitable diet for yourself. But you will have to observe if it suits you. And modify it as needed as per the circumstances. The general guideline is to avoid smoking, alcohol, animal products and processed food, deep-fried, oily, sugary and spicy foods. And eat more of raw fruits and vegetables and lightly cooked food. Within these guidelines, there is a vast scope for improvisation.


If you can't afford to buy too many fruits and vegetables, settle even for one or two bananas a day. You can get a banana in India for a few rupees. And the banana is one of the ideal foods in terms of carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins and minerals. It is a complete food. You can live on it for days.


And if you can't even afford this, then fine. You won't be able to afford meat or milk anyway. Just stop the poison habits- smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco-  and you will still be better off than before.




Guidelines to Embrace


Printout this list and stick it on the door of your refrigerator!

But remember, these are just guidelines and not rules made in stone!



- Only fresh fruit for breakfast

- 50% salad  before lunch and dinner

- Drink fresh water when thirsty

- Get some sunshine every day

- Go out into the fresh air when possible

- Get at least 20 min of aerobic exercise daily preferably in the outdoors in the mornings

- Try to have your dinner at 8 pm and go to bed by 10 pm



- No Non-veg food

- No dairy products

- No eggs

- No alcohol or smoking or drugs

- No deep-fried food or very oily food

- No processed food and soft drinks

- No sweets, chocolates and sugary foods

- No very spicy food


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