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What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga  is the 1000+ year old system of Body Control. It's objective is to build a strong, flexible and disease free body

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Pre-requisites for Hatha Yoga

Learn about  yamas (ethical restraints),niyamas (observances) and the suggested diet (sattvic diet)


Prerequisites of Yoga

Principles of Hatha Yoga

What makes Hatha Yoga unique and different from any other form of exercise are these principles

Precautions before practice

These are the standard precautions to be followed by all Yoga practitioners

Principles of Hatha Yoga
Precautions for Hatha Yoga

Components of Hatha Yoga


Specialised yogic techniquies to clean the body of accumulated toxins


A quick look at the “Sun Salute” going beyond just the poses

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Pranayama is not just breathing exercises, it is regulation of the life force


Ancient Sanskrit Texts

Practising Yoga without a proper theoretical grounding is like  practicing Christianity without reading the bible

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Sukshma Vyayama

A unique series of exercises to loosen up and exercise the entire body from head to toe. Can be done by everyone

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A brief introduction to the main part of Hatha Yoga  - the asanas  or postures

Bandhas and Mudras

Locks, seals and hand and feet positions that restrain and direct the life force (prana) in specific areas. An oft overlooked area of yoga practice

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Yoga institute started by my yoga guru Shri CSR Prabhu

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