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Fruits and Vegetables


As per Natural Hygiene, Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest food that you can eat.  They are 100% vegan too!


- Fruits are very easily digested and put minimum load on the digestive system -taking an average of 30 minutes Raw Vegetables take 2 hours. Cooked food takes a lot more – 4 to 6 hours at least


- They  are high in water content - they are over 70% water which is required for survival


-Fruits provide carbohydrates in the form of pre-digested simple sugars like fructose to act as fuel for the body.


- Fruits and  Vegetables provide a huge number of vitamins,  minerals and nutrients to the body.


Cook vegetables conservatively


Eat your fruits raw. Consume vegetables either in raw form in a salad or conservatively cooked – steaming, boiling, roasting, stir-frying are preferable. Do not deep fry.


How much to consume?

Moderation is the key.  Do not overeat, especially fruits.  Fruits and vegetables should form about 50% of your diet


How to consume fruits?

Since fruits are easily digestible, they don't combine well if eaten with other foods. It is recommended to eat fruit alone on an empty stomach. Avoid eating cooked food ALONG with the fruit and for half an hour AFTER.   If this is not possible or practical, no problem - eat the fruits any way you can - but eat them.

Which fruits/vegetables to consume?

Any and every one of them that you like. No fruit or vegetable whose taste you like is harmful to you.  But ensure they are eaten raw and as fresh as possible. Don't eat unripe fruit or over-ripe fruit or stale vegetables.


How to consume Raw Vegetables?

Try to have a big healthy portion of raw vegetable salad, before you eat your lunch or dinner. Ideally, half of your meal should consist of salad but start with as much as you can. If you find the salad bland, add whatever light dressings or chutneys or salt/pepper to your taste. But avoid heavy dressings based on mayonnaise, yoghurt, cheese, vinegar etc.




If you find all this very complicated, just do one simple thing. Increase the quantity of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Increase it slowly to as much quantity as you can.  Whatever little bit more or raw food you will eat, the more benefit you will get.


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