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Ten Lessons learnt from (Mild) Covid

1) Covid is a disease from which most recover with little or no treatment - but it can be serious, even fatal, so don't take it lightly. Take extra care if you are obese or have co-morbidities Everyone needs to watch their symptoms carefully and take necessary action. But try not to get too overstressed about it especially if you have mild Covid.

2) It's almost impossible to figure out how and where and whom you got Covid from

a. If you took no precautions, you could have got it from anywhere or anyone.

b. If you took precautions, then again, you can't figure out the exact source

So don't waste too much time racking your brain to figure this out. It really doesn't matter

3) No one, including the doctors, knows everything there is to know about Covid. There is no standard protocol. There is a lot of trial-and-error and learn-as-you-go going on, at all levels of the medical establishment, at the regulators and the government. Doctors prescribe what has worked for them in their experience. I spoke to four doctors and got four different prescriptions for precisely the same symptoms! So what do you do? I suggest working with a doctor you trust. Choose one who knows your history or someone who has had experience treating covid patients and go by his or her advice. The key words are "work with". This means that you have to do your bit. You can't abdicate your responsibility towards getting back to health. Read on for more.

4) Listen to your body. In case of mild covid, do this head-to-toe test every day and consult with your doctor if any of these appear

- Head: Do you have a headache? Or brain fog/confusion?

- Nose: Do you have a cold? Stuffy or Runny Nose? Loss of Smell?

- Throat: Sore Throat? Cough?

- Stomach: Upset stomach? Diarrhoea? Loss of Appetite? Loss of Taste

- Legs: Pain in calves?

- Feet: Fingers or Toes turning blue?

- General: Bodyache? Fatigue? Breathlessness

- Fever: take temperature 3 times a day. Excessively high temperatures or fever that doesn't go away after several days is a concern

- Oxygen Saturation: Record thrice a day using Pulse oximeter (take a reading after 30 seconds). A downward trend towards 94 is not to be ignored.

5) Hydrate! Aim for three litres of water or clear fluids a day. Four if you can manage.

6) Vitamin D and Zinc supplementation seem to be beneficial. Check with your doctor for dosage.

7) Investigate Ivermectin. Many doctors say it can treat (and prevent) Covid. But other doctors don’t recommend it. I looked at both sides and took my call. I took it; so did my wife and son (for prophylaxis). Seems to have worked. I got better and they didn’t contract Covid. But this could be anecdotal. Check

8) Take the home isolation bit seriously. Stick around in your room for at least 10 days from symptom onset. If someone has to enter your room, make sure both are masked and try to keep six feet distance

9) Get enough sleep. Eat as healthy as you can.

10) Life is most important. Health is next. Without these two, all the rest doesn't really matter.

Peter Theobald, Mumbai, Author of "I am NOT a Doctor", May 2021

Image credit : Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. The information in this document has been compiled by general guidance in relation to the specific subjects addressed, but is not a substitute and not to be relied on for medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical or other professional advice. Consult a physician before following any advice given. It is your responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, or that of your clients, and to independently determine whether to perform, use, or adapt any of the information or content from this document. Any medication, diet, exercise or lifestyle change may result in unforeseen consequences. By voluntarily acting after the advice provided in this content, you assume the risk of any consequential problems. The author, Peter Theobald, is not a licensed medical professional. The author and the publishers disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use, or misuse of the information in this document.

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